Accidents at Workplace – How to Claim Compensation?

Any accidents at the workplace are stressful, but when colleagues or employers are ignorant and negligent, it gets even more stressful and complex. That’s when employees should act and think about pursuing a claim against their employer. Legal experts reveal criteria for when ones can pursue a claim for an accident at work compensation and how to do it efficiently.

Common Accident at Work Claims

Legal experts say that most workplace accidents are related to higher-risk workplaces and specific professions. However, even in an office-based role, employees can experience incidents. Responsible employers oblige to ensure a safe working environment – from proper clothing and equipment to needed training.

Lawyers specialising in personal injuries stress that many traumas are related to high-risk conditions at work, for instance, working with chemicals, machinery and at high altitudes. Common types of high-risk profession-related injuries:

  • Falls
  • Slips
  • Head and back injuries
  • Burns and scalds
  • Cuts

Litkraft Solicitors lawyers notice – accidents at work come in various forms. Therefore, if your injury isn’t that common or obvious, but you think that your work environment and people in the workspace were in any way responsible for the damage, you should still get legal advice.

Claim for Compensation – When it’s Valid?

Even though the harm is apparent, employees often doubt whether or not their compensation claim is valid. While there are many aspects to a successful claim, lawyers say – there are three key questions to ask yourself in the first place. Ask yourself whether the accident happened within the last three years, consider if there’s someone to blame for it and did the injury result from the incident. If you think all answers are positive, then it’s wise to contact legal experts and continue discussing further steps.

About the Compensation

The compensation size depends on the circumstances, so without knowing the bigger picture, lawyers can’t specify the compensation size too. So, the first step should be contacting legal experts specialising in this field. Usually, compensation is granted for direct results of workplace injury. For instance, you can claim compensation for financial losses, medical costs, travel expenses, caused distress and upheaval.

One more crucial factor each employee should know is that the law protects you from any discrimination against you because of legal actions. If so, the employer risks getting into more problems because of likely compensation claims for unfair dismissal, etc. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about putting employers’ finances at immediate risk because, in most cases, employers’ liability insurance provides the funds for compensation.

Finally, only highly experienced lawyers can objectively assess whether ones have a valid claim. So, if you or your loved ones find themselves in an unenviable situation, it’s best to contact legal experts specialising and experienced in personal injury law. They’ll assess the circumstances and explain further steps. By the way, some professionals like Litcraft Solicitors operate on a no-win-no-fee basis (if the case isn’t successful, there are no fees too).